About us

Our team has completed hundreds of jobs throughout Halifax and surrounding communities. OUR MISSION To provide the HRM and surrounding communities with a painting service they can count on for any painting project at a competitive price We use all Sherwin-Williams products that have proven to be the best, for interiors we choose the super cost-effective range and for higher end homes or custom projects we use the best range. The difference between products is the amount of leather in the paint, the more leather, the longer the durability. Browse color by exterior feature. Beautify your home’s exterior with stunning and relevant hues carefully selected. It dries quickly which is great for our east coast weather where you never know if it’s going to rain or not! For commercial interiors, we speedwall spray as a primer, then use tractor-grade paint to help us stay cost-effective in our quote. For residential staining, we use our line of flood products that come in semi-transparent or solid forms. All of our sprayers are top of the line commercial graco airless machines. CONTACT INFO 902-430-6475